Tray Stand Laundry Activity

My little one is still a bit young for this activity, the most entertaining thing for him was filling up the peg basket and dumping the socks!

I did this activity using a tray stand, two lengths of string, wooden pegs in a metal bucket, a peg basket to used as a mini laundry basket, and too small socks.

Good for pretend play pegging out the socks, sorting and pairing the socks (different patterns), posting the pegs through the holes in the peg basket and of course drumming on an upturned metal bucket can’t be missed!


Button Activity Ideas

Since my little one has stopped eating everything he sees we have started having fun with buttons. Here are a few simple Ideas we have tried and he has enjoyed

Laundry Basket Posting

Alfie Laundry Buttons

This was very entertaining for him, posting is popular at the moment! Dumping handfuls in was also good fun. The noise made when the buttons hit the bottom was also interesting.

Egg Box Posting

Egg box buttons

I got this idea from an activity book which used the egg box for posting wooden pegs. I prefer using the buttons as he can find the buttons again by opening the lid. Also it’s good for sorting the buttons as some will be too big to fit.

Bottle Posting

Alfie buttons

A very simple idea but again it makes a good sound when the buttons drop, good for sorting big and small buttons and having to steady the bottle is an extra challenge!

Edible Play Dough and Flour Play

I really enjoyed this activity, our little man looked so focused and only after 30 mins did he start to lose interest. It was great to feel all the different textures and show him how to roll out the dough, a job that he became quite possessive about!

I spread some flour out on our little ones high chair and made patterns in the flour i.e. shapes, animals etc, I asked him to do “round and round” as he loves drawing circles and I moved his finger in the flour to make other simple shapes and named them.

snail flour

While he was playing with the flour I made some dough using flour, water and oil. I added some food colouring and squashed it until it was an even colour. The dough was pliable and not very sticky.

rolling out

I rolled out the dough showing him how to roll it by guiding his hands on the rolling pin. Then we pressed the cutters into the dough together and made the shapes, taking away excess dough and re rolling.

I had some biscuit cutters which had a lot of detail to them, for these we simply pressed them into the dough and made pretty pictures.

edible playdough

I showed him how to make simple shapes like sausages and balls he seemed very interested in the way my hands moved.

When we had finished doing this I collected all the dough together into a ball squashed it out and coated it with water which made it feel slippery and let him feel the texture.

Then we stretched it out by each holding and end of dough until it broke.

Messy play dough

Finally I put some dough in the mixing bowl we had used and added water. He seemed to like the feel of the dough in the water, splashing and how the water turned cloudy the more he mixed in the flour and dough.

Jelly Mould Rocket Ships, Beanbag Aliens and a Robot Sensory Box

I will be doing this activity again when our little one is older as he will get more out of it, decorating the box, making the rocket ships and aliens themselves. It is still fun for now though!

Jelly Mould Rocket Ships

My husband came up with this idea.

  1. Attach old fashioned pegs onto jelly moulds, we use three to make tripods.
  2. Put a ball on top.

I use these rocket ships while singing Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon:

Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re going to the moon. Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re leaving very soon.
If you want to take a trip, Climb aboard my rocket ship,
Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re going to the moon. Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re leaving very soon.
5,4,3,2,1–BLAST OFF!

Move the rocket ship from side to side while “flying” higher, keep doing this until you get to blast off then whoosh it into the air making the (soft) ball go flying.

Beanbag and Pipe Cleaner Alien


  1. Twist pipe cleaners round the middle of the bean bag to look like tentacles, making sure there are no sharp edges.
  2. Add eyes using washable felt tips.

I play peekaboo with the alien behind the box as well as walk him along to box to climb into the rocket ships.

Robot Sensory Box

  1. Cover a cardboard box with an emergency blanket and tape down.
  2. Using a side plate as a template cut out holographic paper circles and tape down.
  3. To make the eyes I used the jelly moulds as a template for smaller circles.

I have now cut eye holes for the box so it can be used as a helmet (of course!)

Ladybird potato stamps

My little man was overwhelmed when I tried him with normal potato stamps. Too many colours and potatoes to choose from! We quickly moved on to just colouring.

I tried to make it more fun for him by painting potato stamps as ladybirds using washable paints the night before. I only used 4 stamps and 4 colours which he chose himself.

First I let him handle the ladybirds which he couldn’t wait to get his hands on!

Next I asked him to pick a ladybird and a colour then we printed on the paper.

ladybird potato prints2

I did this with all 4 ladybirds and 4 colours and only gave him the ladybirds not the paint pallet.

He absolutely loved it…

I just followed his lead and commentated on what he was doing.

I could say “ooh you want the small/ big ladybird” and say what colour it was,

Then we went stomping with them, slithering leaving a trail, going slowly and quickly.

As a final touch we added glitter, lots of glitter!

It seems to have demystified potato printing for him.

ladybird potato printing alfie

Plus I loved doodling on potatoes the night before.